The course is designed to enable students to develop knowledge of Fiji Islands and its place on the global community, the diversity of its land and people, their culture and environmental heritage and their legal and political system.

The general aim of the Social Science syllabus is to help students cope with modern life while at the same time retaining much of their own identity.

The course is aimed at assisting young people with the development of a cultural ethic in which respect of different cultures and societies is valued and promoted and students to be well equipped with knowledge, skills and values necessary to view the world. At the same time allow students to identify career paths related to Social Science such as, teacher/professor, archeologist/historian, curator, politician, diplomat, administrator, research and political analyst, environmentalist to name a few.

Social Science is also aimed to help students to:

  •  Acquire knowledge of social organization and processors 
  •  Develop an understanding of Social Science concepts
  •  Develop an understanding of people in their relationship with each other and their environment
  •  Develop into responsible and good citizens of Fiji.