The Year 13 Geography syllabus has been designed to build on the Year 11 and 12 courses and to provide students with a wider scope of enrichment studies. The course deals with the study of a number of very important sub-strands relating to the strand Place and Environment. This strand has been divided into two categories – Physical Geography and Human Geography. Particular emphasis is placed on the understanding of change, balance and relationships of the processes in the physical and cultural environment. This would also include problems and preventative measures. The syllabus stresses practical work and field techniques to deepen the students understanding of the inter relationship between people, their actions and the environment. It is also concerned with the location, distribution and explanation of the interacting features of the earth and the changing nature of the patterns produced.


To meet the challenge of the future, a geography student should be able to know and understand facts and concepts, apply geographical skills, analyse information and use geographical perspective to evaluate, make decisions about and report on issues, processes and events. The syllabus provides students with a body of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to help them through if they wish to complete their Geography studies at tertiary level.